Plant Bio-Stimulate Formulations

mulch formula

Mulch Formula

Agrarian Technologies is proud to present this added value mulch product that has been shown to feed plants for up to 26 weeks.
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Green Sand Formula

I tested the Green Sand containing Agrarian Bio-Stimulant mixed with rye grass seed on our soccer field at John Carroll University.
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Hops Formula / AGRABINE

Planting: Soak the root stock in a diluted solution (2oz./1 gallon of water)of Agrarian Technologies Bio-stimulant for at least 1 hour up to 12 hours.
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Vineyard Formula

The first application should be applied after the leaves have fully developed in the spring.
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Turf Grass Formulation

The ingredients contained in the product have proven to be of great benefit to our golf course as a result of our studies.
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Seed Germination / Garden Vegetables

Seed germination is an enzyme-hormonal activity and our bio-stimulant contains a completely organic source of natural hormones and growth stimulants to quicken the process.
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Blueberry Formula

Cuttings from blueberries should be soaked a minimum 12 hours. If possible foliar feed the mother plant one week before cutting. Use the standard dilution rate of 2 ounces to 1 gallon of water for both treatments.
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Bio Stimulate Blueberry Field Trials

Citrus Formula

Spray the foliage at the rate of 2-oz. Concentrate per gallon of water when "leaf flush" begins. Apply a second treatment as the fruit starts to form and a third treatment when the fruit is one-half maximum size.
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Peat and blended soil formula

Peat and Blended Soil Formula

Now we have the next generation formulations proving themselves even more viable and effective. The efficiency of these new products make applications to in line soil production extremely cost effective offering huge margin potential. Most plants will show a enhanced growth differential within 2 weeks after planting.
Pepper Plant Experiment
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Pansy experiment 1
Sage test
Aphid report

Agrarian Technologies Bio-Stimulate

Agrarian Technologies Biostimulate is the culmination of exhaustive university research and field experience by Dr.T.Senn. Agrarian Technologies brings together the most effective, naturally occurring plant growth stimulants know to soil science. The result is a carefully balanced formulation, which is more effective as a combination of ingredients than any of its parts alone. Agrarian Technologies BioStimulate is a totally organic, natural compound designed to enhance root formation, increase vascular strength, promote green color, and reduce stress on ornamental and agricultural plants. Our product is environmentally safe and completely non-toxic to humans, animals and fish.

Seaweed Provides the Growth Hormones Our seaweed is Ascophyllum nodosum, harvested from consistently clean and cold waters off the coast of Norway. Products made from this seaweed are non-toxic and safe for use on food crops. It is generally dark brown to black with Adenine and Zeatin as its major cytokinins (Zeatin is the most biologically active cytokinin known). It supplies Betaines and a wide range of carbohydrates including mannitol and organic acids. It contains nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, calcium magnesium and sulphur in its natural state. It also has the added advantage of having such natural minerals as zinc, iron, copper and manganese. Humate Provides the Soil Conditioners and Stimulates Microbial Activity Humate is a prehistoric compost pile of decomposed organic matter that is millions of years old. The finest humate mines in the world are in the western U.S. and our deposit is one of the richest in Utah. Humate is the source of the three “humic-acids” and it provides carbon, a high-energy food source for soil microbes. Laboratory analysis has shown that our deposit also contains a great number of rare elements and micronutrients.

Granular humate works in several different ways. Each humate granule becomes the center of beneficial microbial activity because the high carbon content is a great food source for the existing soil life. It improves soil-structure and formation for better aeration and changes the water-holding capacity of the soil. The Cationic Exchange Capacity is increased, which means that the soil will be able to hold more complex minerals and make them available to the plants. Therefore, translocation of minerals into the root and within the plant is improved.

Agrarian Technologies has joined with the producers of Nature’s NOG, an organic plant health stimulant, developed with over 50 years of university and private research by Dr. Tee Senn and his team, to offer ground-breaking products for mulch, turf and other targeted products. These products have been specifically developed by Agrarian Technologies utilizing Nature’s NOG proprietary formulations, a plant health stimulant, approved by the USDA for an organic system plan in a certified USDA National Organic Program operation. These AT products offer a unique delivery system and a proven blend of natural seaweed and humates to stimulate plant growth and development. Our product is environmentally safe, nontoxic and nonpolluting. AT products offer proven seed germination and a quicker and healthier upstart while increasing and enhancing nutrient availability and uptake.

Agrarian Technologies is the exclusive distributor for these products, available nationally through a carefully chosen network and partnership of dealers and resellers.

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