Hops Application Protocol


BARE ROOT: Soak the root stock in a diluted solution (2oz./1 gallon of water)of Agrarian Technologies Bio-stimulant for at least 1 hour up to 12 hours.
CONTAINERS: Dip pots into diluted solution (2oz./1 gallon of water) until root ball is saturated.


  • The first spray should be after the leaves are fully out in the spring.
  • Using the standard dilution rate of 2 oz./1 gallon of water, use enough pressure to make as fine a mist as possible, spray the tops and bottoms of leaves. Spray enough on the leaves to cover the whole surface area up until runoff.
  • Always allow 3 hours prior to rainfall or irrigation to ensure maximum absorption.
  • Ideal spraying times are early morning or late evening. Never spray during the heat of the day.
  • Leaves should be dry for most benefit.
  • Spray every two weeks or as needed with a minimum of three applications during the season. Usually, the rule of thumb is the last spray should be around one month prior to dormancy.


Still using the same rate (2oz./1 gallon of water), soak the root zone once a month or as needed. Some prefer more often but cut the rate to 1 oz./gallon of water.

*** This organic treatment is designed to stimulate the natural genetic potential of plants.