Mulch Formula

Organic Bio-Stimulant Enhanced Mulch Organic Bio-Stimulant Enhanced Mulch

Organic Bio-Stimulant Enhanced Mulch

Agrarian Technologies is proud to present this added value mulch product that has been shown to feed plants for up to 26 weeks.

By introducing our Bio-Stimulant into the mulch dye stream. We have developed an integrated plant feeding system using our product with specially formulated mulch dye manufactured by CMC (

The special binders used in the mulch dye formulation and the cohesiveness of the AT Bio-stimulate assures the product adheres to the mulch. After surviving the stress of the dyeing process the bio-stimulate remains water soluble even after the dye has cured to the wood.

The result is mulch that becomes a slow release plant feeding medium every time it is watered. Since the AT Bio Stimulate benefits plants at parts per billion, our system for improving plant health and growth is very economical. We have calculated our dilution ratios to provide up to 26 weeks of plant feeding. This eliminates or drastically reduces the need for conventional fertilizers.